About Us

 We the Karnataka Sports Dealers have resolved to form an association for Sports dealer in Karnataka to bring in Harmony among the Sports dealers community to encourage fair trade practices and help the Sports lovers to better their achievement and derive their desired pleasure and benefit in Sporting activity, thus enlivening the “SPORTSMAN SPIRIT”.


To rise to the sky in the field of sports at all times following the triple path of Honesty, Integrity and Sincerity.


  • The Voice of the Sporting Goods Industry
  • Represents a significant share of the sporting goods industry
  • Association purpose is for collective bargaining with various Government Bodies regarding Tax etc. And also for Mutual benefit for each member of the association.
  • Association is for resolving issues of members of the association.
  • Operates a Code of Practice
  • Impacts on industry policy information and assists with the development of industry specifications
  • Provides excellent networking opportunities through industry seminars, "Think Tanks" and member networking events
  • Promotes the positive aspects of sport through combined marketing


  • To afford manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors of sporting goods an opportunity for the interchange of views on any matters generally affecting the industry.
  • To represent manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors of sporting goods whenever the occasion may arise.
  • To promote, develop and protect the interests of the sporting goods trade; to promote and originate improvements in the law in any way affecting the sporting goods trade; to support or oppose alterations therein; to effect improvements in administration.
  • To operate a Code of Practice and assist with the development of Industry Specifications.
  • To take, defend, contribute to, or assist in any proceedings by or against any members of the Association or the Association itself in which the general rights or interests of manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers of sporting goods may be involved or affected.
  • To co-operate with Local Authorities, kindred public bodies and institutions, trade associations, firms or persons for any of the purposes or objects aforesaid.